New beginnings and a toddler game

Exciting first post! Exciting for me because I am fairly new at blogging, actually almost a total newbie so please bear with me while I get in the swing of things.

It’s been an exciting day here, my little boy (who turns 6 months this Saturday) has just started weaning so it was very messy but all so interesting – I’d forgotten how much cleaning is involved though! We are doing baby led weaning so he just eats what we eat as long as it’s suitable, today it was spelt pasta with courgette, peas and pesto and then some pineapple and strawberries.



As exciting as it was for me and him, my toddler was feeling a bit bored this morning so I had one of those rare moments of impromptu creativity and I made her a little game – I printed out some pages with coloured squares on (a 5 minutes job on Word) so she could sort her built blocks on them. And voilà, there you have it: a Montessori-style sorting activity. It worked a treat! Until her little brother tried to add said paper to his morning menu, but that’s a different story. If you don’t have a printer you could just draw them by hand, I’m sure it would work just as well.




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