imageToday we had mostly a fairly lazy day, we were all a bit tired and grumpy so we stayed indoors but ended on a high as we made pizza for dinner.

We love making pizza. We have a bread machine that takes care of the messy dough making part for us most of the time so all we have to do is roll it out and put toppings on, it usually takes us half an hour from getting out of the bread machine to eating it so not too long either. Plus point that it’s cheap, or at least it can be unless you feel like splashing out on fancy toppings!

I use the Jamie Oliver pizza dough recipe and have done for years, though I tend to leave the salt out as I find that because I do it in the bread maker it can sometimes kill the yeast. Also, I don’t use fast acting yeast so I first need to activate it by mixing it with the warm water and sugar and leave it for 15 minutes or until it has a bit of foam on the top.

Then, the fun part!


Because I like my pizza fairly thin, I first cook it for a few minutes just with the chopped tomatoes (or passata, if we’re using that) on to avoid it becoming soggy. We then add our toppings, sprinkle oregano, basil and a drizzle of olive oil and back in the oven! The result is always great. Sorry, not a great photo, we were all too busy scoffing it down.


And I think it’s fair to say that everyone enjoyed it!


On my to do list is trying to get a sourdough starter going and make pizza using that instead of the yeast. I tried it last week but it didn’t work. Will try again…


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