Day out and a quick salmon pasta

Today we made up for yesterday’s lazy day and went for a long day out. It was a pretty last minute plan to go and visit a friend in Peacehaven, about an hour’s bus journey away from us; the weather looked a bit uncertain but it was just meant to be very cloudy at worst (glorious British summer!) so we went for it and it turned out to be quite lovely and sunny most of the day!

The day was spent mostly playing in the garden, how I wish I had one! And I also was lucky enough to end up with some gorgeous pictures ❤

We were all quite exhausted by the time we were going on home and we needed a quick and easy dinner so I stopped to buy some smoked salmon and made creamy salmon pasta. It is such an easy dish that it doesn’t really need a recipe!

IMG_20130627_183405All it takes is to cook some pasta (please, only put the pasta in when the water is already boiling!) and in a separate pan briefly cook the chopped up smoked salmon with a bit of butter.

Add some double cream, I normally use the little 150ml cartons, and let it cook on a low heat just to thicken the cream up. Combine with the pasta and done! That’s a lovely quick dinner sorted.

Admittedly no veg in it so we try to make up for it by having a salad or cooked veggies on the side.


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