Toddler swingset skirt (Oliver + S pattern)

Another skirt! As you can tell, I’m going through a skirt phase. My little boy has been spared so far but his luck may run out soon.

Today’s skirt is made with a Oliver + S pattern. I’m quickly falling in love with these patterns, they caught my eye a while ago and while I didn’t think much of them there was something that just kept on taking me back to them, so I started looking for photos of finished projects and I finally saw just how beautiful they are. They’re simple designs, not complicated and difficult to make like some other big brands, easy to make yet have those little details that make them just great.

I made the swingset skirt (the pattern comes as a set with a tunic, which I may make soon since it looks like it’d look good even over a long sleeved top in winter). It’s a pretty simple skirt, I think the way the waist is made, it has elastic – drawstring – elastic, really gives it an edge and makes it fall beautifully. It is fully lined, which I was a bit unsure about at first but it actually works very well.

Without further ado, here’s the skirt!

Oliver + S swingset skirtOliver + S swingset skirt  Oliver + S swingset skirt Oliver + S swingset skirt

It’s great. I love the way it hangs and how it flows, and also how it looks feminine but without restricting her movements at all, so she can get on with what really matters!

Oliver + S swingset skirt


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