On Monday I had the very crazy idea of deactivating my Facebook account. This may not sound like much but if you know me you know how much of a Fb addict I am, and the first afternoon it was all I could think about – what are people talking about? What important things am I missing out on? And above all, will anybody notice I’m missing?!

A few days on and things are better; switching off has definitely had a good influence, I’ve been a lot more present in my daily life (and, as someone who’s starting to meditate regularly, this is quite a big thing) and more focused, not having the constant distraction of wanting to check what’s new. I’ve connected with people in other ways – texts, emails, whatsapp, real life! – and have more meaningful conversations. I’ve been reminded that the people that I interact with the most on Fb aren’t necessarily the most important ones in my life, in fact some of the people who noticed my absence almost immediately are ones that I don’t interact with every day, others seem to have just disappeared from my radar.

The most obvious side is that I’ve had more time for other things, namely reading (at last I’m tackling my never ending reading list!), housework (alas, that never ends either), meditation and yoga. I know, the last two make me sound like a right crazy person but believe me, I’ve also had a fair amount of screen time, mostly watching Dexter episodes back to back.

I don’t know when, or if, I will join the “third largest country” in the world again. When I switched off I didn’t give myself any time limit so we’ll see where the wind takes me, I may be back on tomorrow or never again. In the mean time, if you really wonder how I am and how my life is going, send me a message via the old ways 😉

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week in pictures:

At the museum

At the museum

Headline of the week from The Argus

Headline of the week from The Argus

Sometimes, all you need is a nap

Sometimes, all you need is a nap




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